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Using TOPAZ Management Simulation participants work in teams and challenge each other in a competitive and motivating environment, reinforcing the strategic, analytical and team work skills and knowledge.

During the training, participants have the opportunity to work and improve on a number of soft skills such as communication, team management, leadership, time management and team work skills.

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CEL Certified

Certified by the European Foundation for Management Development in Technologies for Advanced Education.

How does it work?

Consult and analyze competition information

Online Briefing, Simulator Manual and Company History.

Make decisions

Through the Decision Sheet, the teams transmit their strategy in the various areas of the company.

Process the data

Processing of the decisions is carried out simultaneously.

Know the results

Each team will access the results of its strategy taking into account the competition & the economic situation.

This cycle is repeated everytime a set of decisions is made, that is equivalent to a quarter of the company's life cycle. At each stage, each team will submit 5 sets of decisions representing one year and one quarter of the company's management.

Briefing session helps the participants to understand what is expected from them and what they have to gain from experience.

The simulations are run in-room for on-site training or online with the teams competing each other. During the decision making, the participants have the opportunity to develop their behavioral skills.

Simulation Concept



  • Analyse a company’s historical data;
  • Select and analyse relevant information in order to understand the stockholders, customers and competitors.


  • Define a mid-term strategy;
  • Understand the interactions between the different areas of a company.
  • Take decisions in various areas;


  • Compete in order to reach the best results, against your competitors.

What makes it Unique?



TOPAZ is easily adaptable to the specific objectives to be achieved, the number of participants and the duration of the program.

Training in-house


We create private competitions adapted to the particular needs of each organization.

Achieving Practical Knowledge


The practical knowledge acquired with TOPAZ can be channeled to emphasize specific aspects, according to the concrete objectives of each organization.

The use of business simulator allows to develop the skills of the participants in a fun and competitive environment.